3D Turntable

he human turntable at the Dept. of Neurology is a worldwide unique device for basic and applied research. It has been constructed with the financial support of the Koetser Foundation, the Swiss Department of Education, as well as the Department of Neurology of the University Hospital in Zürich.

The turntable has 3 fully motorized axis, which are controlled with an Acutrol control system.

Inner AxisMiddle AxisOuter Axis
Max. Velocity [°/s]400200200
Max. Acceleration [°/s2]46019090

The minimum velocity is 0.1°/s on all three axes.

Additional equipment:

Laser mirror galvanometer: used to project a visual target on either the sphere or on a chair mounted screen, in order to provide targets for fixation, smooth pursuit, or saccades.

Video projector: mounted on the chair, for showing images on the sphere.

3D coil frame: for measuring horizontal, vertical, an torsional eye position with scleral search coils (binocular).

EyeSeeCam video oculography: for measuring horizontal and vertical eye position (binocular).